Aintree hospital joins the NHS Forest planting 900 trees in their woodland

Bluebell Woodland is a hospital-owned woodland which joined the NHS Forest in 2014 after planting 900 trees and starting a green gym on site. It features a five hectare woodland currently being improved by volunteers.  The site is sandwiched between Aintree University NHS Trust Hospital and Altcourse Prison and forms part of the Communities Fazakerley Woods and Fields Nature Reserve. It is a vital part of the Liverpool green spaces mosaic and forms a link with other open spaces. It lies within the designation of the Fazakerley Ecology Park complex and forms a crucial part of the Park’s green infrastructure.

Green gym activities started in January 2014 with volunteers from the local community taking part in shrub clearance, litter picking and tree pruning. Future plans for the hospital include creating pathways through the woodland to enable more staff, patients and local community to use the woodland for rest, relaxation and gentle exercise.